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Business & Commercial Financing, Loans and Funding

Find the
Right Financing for Your Business

Purchase inventory and materials, finance real estate and construction or fund an acquisition.

Business Financing Benefits

Get the short and long term funding your business needs to grow and expand.

Manage Cash Flow

Finance short term capital needs.

Expand a Business

Invest in new office space or equipment.

Buy a Business

Purchase a business, practice or franchise.

More Business & Commercial Loans

We’ll help you get the financing you need with fast loan processing, local decision-making and flexible terms.

Firstrust Bank. Business Edge.

  • Get fast, local decision-making from the Philadelphia region’s largest family-owned bank
  • Work with an experienced relationship manager that will be assigned directly to you
  • Access our full service loan, deposit, cash management and online banking products and services

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Here's What Our Business Customers Say About Us

“I have banked with Firstrust for the past 5 years. Their insight and foresight allows me to make the best business decisions for my company. I recommend Firstrust to all of my business affiliates."

“I reached out to Firstrust with the goal of acquiring a Business Line of Credit, and of course at a great rate. I was able to do just that with the assistance of the friendly and knowledgeable employees of the bank. I let the employee know what I needed to accomplish my stated goal and within a week or two it was accomplished. I'm truly grateful for the help of people at Firstrust Bank."

“Firstrust is always the first that I go to for commercial mortgages. Their lender is experienced, knowledgeable, and ... she understands my needs, answers my questions, even when they are unrelated to our loans, and helps me grow my real estate investment portfolio. I recommend her to all of my friends in the real estate investor chat group."

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We are committed to responding to all of our customers quickly and will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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