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Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia
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Commercial Real
Estate Development
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  • Loan Amount
    From $2,500,000+
  • Financing Terms
    Project-appropriate on fixed-
    or floating-rate basis
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A Firstrust History

Founded in Philadelphia in 1934, Firstrust has grown to become the largest, family-owned, full-service commercial bank in the Philadelphia region, serving the financial needs of leaders in our community for generations.

We specialize in commercial real estate - Firstrust has played an important role in the development of our region, working with and financing commercial real estate developers, investors and home builders for more than 80 years.

Local Market Experience

At Firstrust, we are masters of execution and have a knack for getting things done with Fast Decision Making and Quick Access to senior management.

We have an office located in Annapolis, MD serving the Capital Region, with bankers with over 40 years of experience lending in the Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia market.

Firstrust office:
888 Bestgate Road, Suite 210
Annapolis, MD 21401

Empowering the Beltway and Beyond

  • $9,820,000
    Construction Revolver Loan
     Washington D.C.
  • $7,730,000
    Construction Revolver Loan
     Loudon County, VA
  • $12,600,000
    Acquisition Development Loan
     Westminster, MD
  • $3,600,000
    Acquisition Financing Loan
     Columbia, MD
  • $11,600,000
     Bridge Financing Loan 
     Baltimore, MD
  • $8,150,000
    Acquisition Development & Construction Loan
     Bethany Beach, DE

Other Commercial Real Estate Financing Solutions

We’ll help you get the financing you need with fast loan processing, local decision making and flexible terms.
  • Loan Structuring
  • Alternative Financing Programs
  • Property Acquisition
    & Divestitures
  • Tax Credit Utilization
  • Cash Management &
    Other Non-credit Solutions

Firstrust Commercial Real Estate Edge

  • Work with local relationship managers that understand the MD, Wash DC and Virginia region and have a reputation for execution.
  • Get fast decision-making from the region’s largest family-owned, full-service commercial bank
  • Gain comfort knowing you’re working with a lender that’s been a stable leader through economic cycles

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Here's What Our Business Customers Say About Us

“Doing business with Firstrust is simple. They do what they say they’re going to do and execute in a timely fashion. Surety of execution is critical in today’s business environment"

“I do not ever remember using the adjectives “reasonable” and “responsive” when describing a lender, so for that, I say thank you.... it has been a pleasure to work with Firstrust."

“Firstrust is always the first that I go to for commercial mortgages. Their lender is experienced, knowledgeable, and ... she understands my needs, answers my questions, even when they are unrelated to our loans, and helps me grow my real estate investment portfolio. I recommend her to all of my friends in the real estate investor chat group."

Firstrust also servicing SBA Loans in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia markets.

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Maria Randall
Phone: 240-437-6841  |  Email: mrandall@firstrust.com

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