• Featured Rate


    • Requires a $2,500 minimum deposit of new funds
    • Interest compounded daily
    • Penalty for early withdrawal

Current Rates

Term Interest Rate Annual Percentage Yield
7-month CD* 1.74% 1.76%
13-month CD* 1.54% 1.55%
23-month CD* 1.59% 1.60%
35-month CD* 1.64% 1.65%
59-month CD* 1.69% 1.70%
1Initial APY on the 7-Month CD is subject to availability and the offer may change or be withdrawn at any time and without notice at the bank’s discretion. Minimum deposit to open the account and obtain the APY is $2,500. $2,500 minimum deposit of new funds required. New funds are funds not currently on deposit at Firstrust Bank or invested through Firstrust Financial Resources. The maximum opening deposit for this 7-Month CD is $500,000. All other terms and conditions of the 7-Month CD, including compounding of interest, are the same as Firstrust Bank’s CDs as defined in the current Truth in Savings Disclosure. The APY may change after the account is opened. Eligible for Regular CDs and Traditional, Roth and SEP IRAs. There is a penalty for early withdrawal. Additional federal penalties may apply for IRA CD withdrawals below age 59 ½. (Please consult your tax advisor.) APY is accurate as of 1/06/2020.