Online Security

Important information regarding online security

There have a number of “scams” reported which involve an unsolicited e-mail message or telephone call asking a customer for personal or private information. Typically, this request will be in the form of a prompt to “confirm” account or credit card numbers, passwords, or other personal information, such as a Social Security Number. Additionally, a reference to an interruption in service or privileges is often mentioned to further entice the customer to respond quickly.

Quite often, the identities of well-known and trusted financial institutions are used to make the unsolicited request seem legitimate. This may include the use of company names, logos, and fake, but realistic-looking, web sites.

Please do not disclose any personal identifying information if requested by an unsolicited telephone call, e-mail, or other means of communication.

If you are ever contacted and asked to divulge account or other personally identifying information concerning a Firstrust account, ATM or debit card, please contact us at 800-220-BANK.

Contacting us directly will ensure that you are indeed communicating with Firstrust Bank.