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Setting up account alerts for your mobile or online banking account can help provide additional protection from fraudulent activity, overdraft fees, and more. Choose to receive alerts through text messages, push notifications, or email, and never miss a notification again. Set up your alerts today.

Be informed of key account and online activity.


Choose the alerts important to you & how you wish to receive them.


Setting up alerts is easy. It only takes a minute.


Alerts Feature Overview

Account Alerts

History Alerts

Online Transaction Alerts

Security Alerts

Alert Delivery Options

When setting up alerts, you can configure where you wish to receive your alerts. This way you are being notified exactly how you desire. Your options are:

1. Push Notifications

When setting up alerts on the Firstrust mobile app, you can opt in to receive push notification alerts. When enabled the Firstrust mobile app will send notification to your phone when alert criteria is met.


2. SMS Alerts

You can choose to opt in for SMS alerts. By doing so, whenever the alert criteria is met, you will receive a text message, alerting you of activity on your Firstrust account(s).


3. Email Alerts

Stay informed of all activity on your Firstrust Bank account(s) with email alerts. Receive customized emails when any type of activity occurs on your Firstrust account(s) and the alert criteria is met.
Online Alerts FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstrust enables certain alerts by default in order to help protect your account(s). Those alerts are primarily security alerts so that our customers are notified of suspicious activity.
Unfortunately, not all alerts are eligible for real-time delivery. Some are delivered instantly, while others may take up to 24 hours.

Within Firstrust online banking or the mobile app, you can set up multiple accounts, transactions, or security alerts to get notified about anything that you choose.

Types of alerts that are available to you:

  • Account Alerts - Receive notifications about account balances, payments or debits posted to your account.
  • History Alerts - Be alerted if a specific check or transaction amount posts to a chosen account.
  • Online Transactions Alerts - Set up alerts to notify you when online transactions are being conducted on your account.
  • Security Alerts - Stay in the know when your online banking account is being signed into, or another activity is happening.
  • and more!
For account security reasons, we make some alerts mandatory. Your account security is our top priority.
There’s no charge to set Account Alerts from Firstrust Bank, but message and data rates may apply. Delivery of alerts may be delayed for various reasons, including service outages affecting your phone, wireless or internet provider; technology failures; and system capacity limitations. Some alert types may take up to 24 hours to deliver. Alerts may not reflect all transactions. Mobile banking requires that you download the Firstrust Bank mobile app and is only available for select mobile devices and mobile operating systems. For retail customers, please see the Retail Mobile and Online Banking Agreement. Business customers, please see the Master Commercial Account Agreement. Both agreements are available at
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