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Firstrust is an SBA Preferred Lender (PLP)

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

Firstrust has funded $400 million of PPP loans, helping to save as many as 40,000 jobs in 2020. Our online application process is streamlined, providing customers with helpful tools and resources that answer most of your questions.


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Eligible businesses can apply online for a First or Second Draw PPP Loan.

You should receive an invitation to register for the PPP Loan Application Portal within one business day.

Work with an experienced Banker that will be assigned directly to you.


We use this information to start your PPP loan application and you will receive an email invitation within 24 hours to complete your application in our online portal.


By clicking ‘Submit’ you understand this is not an application, it is an inquirytoFirstrustBank.You will receive an invitation toregister for a loan application portal where you cancomplete an online application.You will receive the invitationtypicallybythenext business day after submitting this inquiry.

Resources to Help With

Applying for a PPP Loan

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Eligibility Guidelines

The first step in applying for a First or Second Draw PPP Loan is knowing that your business is eligible to receive the funds.

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What You Need to Know to Apply for a First Draw Loan

Learn how to calculate First Draw maximum loan amounts by business type and what documents to provide.

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What You Need to Know to Apply for a Second Draw Loan

Learn how to calculate Second Draw quarterly reductions and what documents to provide.

Step-by-Step Guide for Registering to the Portal

Step-by-Step Guide to Register for the Portal

A step-by-step guide that walks you through the process that has helpful tips!

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Search Your NAICS Code

You must know the NAICS Code to register and apply. You can find your code at the NAICS website.


Firstrust's PPP Resource Center

Visit our PPP Resource Center that gives you access to updated information, tools and other resources.


Our PPP Business Resource Center gives you access to the latest information, tools and resources.


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