Firstrust Digital Banking

Pay your bills, manage your accounts, transfer funds, and more.
Everything you need to securely manage your money online.


Bank online anytime

  • Advanced Money ManagementYou never have to worry about what is pending and posted to your account again. With online banking you get 24/7 access to your accounts.
  • Check your account balances and monitor all your pending transactions in real time
  • Transfer money between your accounts and other financial institutions
  • Request a stop payment, order checks and more

Bill Pay

Pay all your bills in one location.

  • You never have to worry about writing checks or buying stamps again. With bill pay you can easily schedule your regular monthly payments online.
  • Manage and pay all your bills in one place online
  • Pay them once or set up recurring payments
  • See your payment activity and transaction history
  • Never be late with a payment again

Access your monthly statement anytime, anyplace.

  • eStatement is the fastest, most convenient, environmentally-friendly, paper-free way to receive your monthly statement.One easy-to-read statement
  • Receive a monthly email reminder that your statement is ready to view online
  • Save or print your statement

Monitor your spending 24/7

  • Set up and receive near real-time email and text alerts through Online Banking
  • Account balance alerts to avoid overspending and possible overdraft fees
  • Deposit alerts so you know when you can start spending your newly deposited funds

Send money to friends, family or anyone at all!

  • Person to Person payments is the easiest way to pay other people without knowing their personal banking account information.
  • All you need is their name, email address or mobile phone number to move money
  • Email and text alerts when payments are scheduled
  • Convenient address book to store friends you pay regularly

Identify all automated debits (ACH) and/or Direct Deposits you wish to switch to your new Firstrust account.

  • Use your most recent bank statement to gather any automatic payments or direct deposits.
  • Make sure you allow time for any outstanding debits and/or payments to clear. It usually takes up to 10 days for any outstanding transactions to clear.

Open an account with Firstrust!

  • Apply online or stop in a local branch to open an account.
  • When stopping by the branch, remember to bring two (2) forms of identification with you.

Fill out the switch kit forms provided.

  • You will need your Firstrust Checking account number and the Firstrust Bank ABA routing number.
  • Download and fill out the Account Closure Request Form.
  • The Direct Deposit Form and Automatic Payment Request Form are optional and here for your convenience.