A Letter From, Richard J. Green, Our Chairman and Ceo

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Richard J. Green
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Mar 19, 2020
1:25 pm


Together, we are facing a truly unprecedented situation. The global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting all of our families, our businesses, our communities, and our way of life.

During this time, I wanted to reach out to not only update you on how we at Firstrust are approaching the situation, but to reassure you that we are doing everything in our power to ensure the safety of the money you have entrusted to us, as well as to continue to provide you with the very best service possible.  

Amidst the disruption and uncertainty related to COVID-19, please be assured that we at Firstrust are here and ready to meet your needs to continue to protect your hard-earned savings, to help you manage your personal financial affairs, to support your businesses, to honor our commitments to you and to provide you with other financial advice that you may need.

As Philadelphia’s Hometown Bank, we plan and we train continuously, and we zealously guard our financial strength, so that we can deliver for you, in even the most difficult circumstances.  

What we are doing:

We are primarily focused on the four following things.

1) Your safety and the safety of our employees is our number one priority.

As a result, effective March 18th, while our branches will remain open, we have temporarily closed our walk-in lobby service. Customers will still have full access to our many branches that have drive-thru access. And, all branches will continue to be available during our normal business hours to serve you by appointment or over the phone, by calling your local branch (the number of each branch can be found on our website) or by calling our Customer Care Center at 800-220-BANK, or your Relationship Manager.

Out of concern for the health of our employees and the health of others, using CDC guidance and best practices, we have encouraged our employees to work from home when possible and to work through digital channels. This shift has been relatively smooth and we continue to deliver the highest level of performance, availability and security. We know that you appreciate our staff as much as we do, and we thank you for that.

2) Ensuring great service wherever you are, whenever you want, through whatever channel you wish.

These days, the majority of customer transactions are done digitally.  We are fully confident that the investments that we have made in people and technology will allow us to continue to serve you at a high level. If you have not yet used our services online, you will be surprised just how simple and easy it is to manage your finances from anywhere, anytime and from any device through our Online Banking platform and Mobile App. If you need any assistance accessing these online services, please call 800-220-BANK or contact your Branch Manager or Relationship Manager.

3) Safe and sound for 85 years and counting.

For over 85 years, since my Grandfather founded Firstrust, and now, as the largest and financially strongest family-owned and managed bank in the Region, we remain focused on what is best for our Customers, our Employees and the Communities we serve.

While we never would have wished to be tested in this way, we are built for times like this, and we will continue to honor our financial commitments and our commitments to your success.

In these extraordinary times, as your personal and business operations may be disrupted, we will be here to consult, advise and support you. Should you, as our loyal customer, encounter a hardship as a result of this virus, please reach out to whomever at Firstrust you feel most comfortable talking to, whether it is the Customer Care Center, your Relationship Manager, Branch Manager, or other contact within the Bank, including our Leadership Team or me, directly.

We are doing our best  to remain vigilant and we want to remind  you to stay extra vigilant as cyber criminals will be hard at their “work” during this period to try to exploit this situation through phishing and other attacks, all designed to trick us into revealing sensitive information or commit other crimes.  

4) Supporting our communities.

Our hearts go out to anyone who has been impacted by the virus, either directly or indirectly. Our thoughts are especially with those who are sick, to whom we wish a speedy and full recovery.  And, we are inspired by the selfless and tireless work of those healthcare providers who are working to care for people in need.

As always, but particularly during this time, we are supporting our communities through philanthropic donations to support where we live and work. We are making a $1 Million donation to several nonprofits to provide food, housing and other essential support in response to this pandemic through the Green Family Foundation, established in honor of my parents.

I have no doubt that the talented professionals in our Firstrust Family, as well as the good and resilient people of our Country, will rise to meet -- and defeat -- the challenges posed by this virus. And, I will continue to communicate with you, as needed, to reassure you that we will continue to be vigilant in honoring the trust that you have placed with us at Firstrust.

As a Country, we have encountered storms before, and likely, will see more again, but - we can and will weather them, working together.

Stay healthy and safe.

Richard J. Green
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

While we are confident you will be able to reach one of our talented Bankers or Relationship Managers during these times, we are providing the contact information for our Leadership Team below to give you further assurance we are here and ready to serve you.

Tim Abell


Peggy Leimkuhler

Chief Operating Officer

Michael Dinda

Chief Lending Officer

Laura Azzalina

Director Community Banking



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