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Tax Lien Certificate Financing

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What are tax lien certificates and how are they purchased?

Tax lien certificates, also known as tax executions, certificates of purchase, and tax sale certificates, are instruments offered for sale by local, county and municipal governments as a method of recovering property tax dollars deemed delinquent due to the property owner's failure to satisfy the debt. The issuance of tax lien certificates to investors is typically done in an auction setting where the successful bidder is determined by the lowest interest rate declared or the highest bid for cash.

What are the benefits of investing in Tax Lien Certificates?

To start investing in Tax Lien Certificates, you must do your research and know your market. Working with a Certified Tax Lien Professional who can be there to advise you through the process is another added layer of security.

Some benefits of investing in Tax Lien Certificates include:

  1. Low capital requirement: Typically offers a much lower cash investment compared to other forms of investing.
  2. Rate of return: Unlike other forms of investing that rely on second guessing the market, tax lien investing typically gives you a fairly standard rate of return.
  3. Lump sum payments: You are paid a fixed sum amount when the tax lien investment resolves, which means it's easy to calculate how much you'll be receiving and, because the payment is not in the form of an ongoing residual, you get all of your returns at once.

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