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Online Statements

Online statements are a secure and convenient way to save, view and print your monthly account statements, and annual tax documents. Simplify your record keeping and reduce the clutter you may accumulate with paper statements. Enroll today in online banking.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go back to receiving paper statements after I've enrolled in online statements?

Yes, you always have the option to switch back to paper statements after you have enrolled for online statements. To switch back, simply call Customer Care at 800-220-BANK.

How can I change the email address where l'm alerted that a new statement is available online?

To change the email address which you’d like to use to receive online statement notifications, simply:

  • Log in to Firstrust online banking.
  • Go to “Settings” in the left navigation menu, and select “My Profile”
  • Towards the bottom, in the email field, update your current listed email to a new email address you would like to use for online banking and online statements.

Please note that using this method will also update your email address used by Firstrust Bank to communicate to you. If you would only like to update the email address for online statements, please call Firstrust Customer Care are 800-220-BANK.

How do I save my online statement check images?

You can save your online statement check images directly from your browser. Depending on your browser and the type of viewer in which your document is displayed, there are different ways to save the check images.If there is no Check Images tab on your statement viewer:

  • Click the View Images link near the top left of your statement.
  • Click the PDF icon.
  • Click on the Save a Copy Icon.
  • Select a folder location & enter file name to save the check images page.
  • Click Save.

If there is a Check Images tab on your statement viewer:

  • Click on the Check Images tab.
  • Click on the Paged Check Images link.
  • Click the PDF icon.
  • Click on the Save a Copy icon. Select a folder location & enter the file name to save the check images page.
  • Enter a file name & click Save.

If you are still having trouble saving your check images, contact your Firstrust Customer Care by calling 800-220-BANK.

Why don't I see my loan statements within online banking?

Please note that the online statements portal is available via online banking and the mobile app is limited to support specific account types for statements and documents. For mortgage online statements, please visit the mortgage portal. For credit card statements, please visit the credit card portal. Other loans such as Home Equity Lines of Credit, Home Equity Loans, and others may not have an online statement option at this time.

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Available in Online Banking and the Mobile App

Whether you are in the office, at home, or on the go, access your Firstrust account statements conveniently and securely online through the Firstrust mobile app or via online banking.


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Enrollment in online statements via online banking or the mobile app will only enroll your deposit accounts. Tax documents are limited to 1099-INT, 1099R, 1098, and 5498 forms. You may still receive other documents by mail. Other statements and document types may be available via the online statements portal as view only without suppressing paper delivery at this time. Examples of statements and documents like this are commercial loan statements and sweep notices.