A Letter from Richard J. Green, Chairman & CEO


It is my responsibility to share some sad news with you, of both a personal and professional nature. 


Our former Chairman and CEO, our Chairman Emeritus, and my beloved father, Daniel B. Green – passed away at his home, peacefully, on August 26 at the age of 98.  


Dan worked with his father – my grandfather and our founder, Samuel A. Green – for his entire career at Firstrust and our predecessor, First Federal Savings and Loan.  He served as our President and CEO from 1970 until 1995 and as Chairman of the Board from 1979 until 2015, completing 65 years of service at Firstrust and as Chairman Emeritus until this week for a total of 70 years of faithful and professional service to our customers. 


Through careful preparation and planning, the transition of management and ownership of Firstrust has been seamless, as I have been running the Bank since 1995 as CEO and as Board Chairman since 2015.  The wisdom and values of my father have always been there to guide me, and will continue to do so every day. 


Since our founding over 85 years ago, and now the largest family-owned bank in the Philadelphia region, we have a very rich and storied history. Dan was the second generation family leader of Firstrust Bank.  His father, Samuel A. Green, my grandfather, founded First Federal Savings & Loan, now Firstrust Bank, in 1934, in our family’s kitchen in South Philadelphia.  First Federal Savings & Loan received the first charter ever issued for a federal savings & loan in Pennsylvania.  


Dan Green, then 12 years old, joined his father, Sam, every night after dinner as they went door to door seeking deposits for the new S&L in order to reach the required $7,500 in minimum deposits.  Eventually, they raised $7,800 from 180 people to found the new bank.
Dan assumed the President and CEO title in 1970 and as a result of his wisdom and leadership, Firstrust expanded its branch network across the region and grew its commercial lending portfolio significantly.  Today, Firstrust is the largest and strongest family-owned bank in the region, thanks in large part to Dan’s vision and commitment to our customers and to our community. 


Firstrust was literally, in my father’s blood, and he served it with the loving care and dedication that inspired greatness.  


Dan always put our customers’ interests first. He was known as an exacting and hardworking role model, who imbued a sense of fiscal discipline, customer centricity, resilience, innovation and tenacity which built upon the foundation laid by his father - and which are the cornerstone qualities of our success today.   


Dan captured his wisdom and learnings in a white paper he authored, “How We Do Things Around Here”, a living document that communicates the ways in which Firstrust lives up to our Mission Statement and still do.  He was able to temper his stern demeanor with both humility and humor. He modeled excellence and was never satisfied with anything less for Firstrust and its staff.  


It is my privilege and honor to have the opportunity to continue to build upon the legacy and with the ethic of my grandfather and my father, having been fortunate to have these two great men as mentors. 


The spirit of giving back is one of our most steadfast values, and Dan led us in this as well.  He served on many boards and supported many non-profits and causes.  He received his highest joy in finding ways to help deserving people one on one.  He was honored to found, (along with his beloved wife, Florence, my Mother)  and generously fund the Green Family Foundation, of which I am privileged to serve as Trustee, which has allowed our Enterprise to support critical work and causes in our communities and will do so for generations to come. 


He loved Firstrust, its customers and our employees.  While my heart is heavy with the loss of my father and mentor, I am extremely privileged to have had him in my life for as long as I did and for our entire Firstrust Family to have had the benefit of his wisdom.  His is a life worthy of celebration.  The world needs as many more such men and women as we can get in order to continue to flourish.  


“Any institution is but the lengthened shadow of one person”, it has been said.  Firstrust has had two such men so far, and that shadow keeps getting bigger, broader and more brilliant.  


We will honor my father’s memory by continuing to serve our customers and community with utmost professionalism, care and integrity that is at the core of our foundation and at the heart of our business.


With deepest appreciation and respect, 


Richard J. Green, Board Chairman & CEO




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