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The Joy of Financial Clarity

Financial Management Tools

Discover the joy of financial clarity in real time with Firstrust's money and budget management tool.
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Link External Accounts

Get a visual overview of your transactions and easily analyze your financial patterns across all of your accounts. We know you may have accounts, cards, and investments at other financial institutions, so we built our tools with flexbility in mind.
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Categorize Transactions to Track Spending

Sort your transactions by category (like dining out, gas, groceries and more) and create custom subcategories to keep things organized in a way that works for you and your budget.
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Track Loans & Debts

View your loans, lines of credit, and credit cards in one place, with tips and strategies for paying them down.
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View Spending & Net Worth

Stay on top of your day-to-day finances with in-depth visualizations and charts of spending, assets, and debts. 
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Mobile App

Our mobile app for iPhone and Android devices makes banking a snap. Anytime, anywhere. 

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