EFT Holiday Processing Schedule


ACH files are accepted up to fifteen (15) days in advance of settlement date. Per NACHA rules, credits must be received by Firstrust two (2) business days prior to settlement date, debits must be received one (1) business day prior to settlement date.


Holiday Date Credit Initiation date for
settlement prior to holiday
Debit Initiation date for
settlement prior to holiday
2021 Christmas Day Saturday, 12/25/2021 Wednesday, 12/22/2021 Thursday, 12/23/2021
New Year's Day Saturday, 01/02/2022 Wednesday, 12/29/2021 Thursday, 12/30/2021
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday, 01/17/2022 Wednesday, 01/12/2022 Thursday, 01/13/2022
Presidents' Day Monday, 02/21/2022 Wednesday, 02/16/2022 Thursday, 02/17/2022
Memorial Day Monday, 05/30/2022 Wednesday, 05/25/2022 Thursday, 05/26/2022
Juneteenth National
Independence Day
Monday, 06/20/2022 Wednesday, 06/15/2022 Thursday, 06/16/2022
Independence Day Monday, 07/04/2022 Wednesday, 06/29/2022 Thursday, 06/30/2022
Labor Day Monday, 09/05/2022 Wednesday, 08/31/2022 Thursday, 09/01/2022
Columbus Day /
Indigenous People’s Day
Monday, 10/10/2022 Wednesday, 10/05/2022 Thursday, 10/06/2022
Veterans’ Day Friday, 11/11/2022 Tuesday, 11/08/2022 Wednesday, 11/09/2022
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, 11/24/2022 Monday, 11/21/2022 Tuesday, 11/22/2022
Christmas Day Observed Monday, 12/26/2022 Wednesday, 12/21/2022 Thursday, 12/22/2022



Wire Transfer Processing: Wire transfers cannot be scheduled for and will not be processed on any of the above named Federal holidays.

If you have any questions about the holiday processing schedule, please contact our Customer Care Center at 800-220-BANK.


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